Greenland next time?
Imagine your next conference or seminar located in Greenland. Out of this World and yet within reach. Just a few hours flying time from Europe and North America, and with prices that match those at home, flight included.

A visit to the edge of the icecap by helicopter
Katuaq - the culture center in Nuuk, Greenland


Gigantic icebergs, midnight sun and an untamed nature add an extra dimension to your agenda. An arrangement here is never just ’another conference’. You’ll ensure an impact that lasts - and lasts.
The conference facilities in Greenland meet the requirements of demanding customers who often return with more of their co-workers or clients. Still we know that our set-up is only part of their reason to choose a conference center in Greenland. . . .
The encounter with the Arctic nature is what really makes the difference. Invite your guests on a four-hours cruise among gigantic icebergs. Fly them to the Greenland icecap by helicopter. Or line up dozens of dog-sledges with experienced local drivers as the ultimate surprise to your guests. Let us know your ideas.
Even a coffee-break adds a new perspective in this country: The clear Arctic air, the dramatic scenery of nature on top of the world, perhaps a group of musk oxen or a couple of whales. Do also look forward to the incredible northern lights across the sky.
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