April 2019
The midnight sun will appear in Northern Greenland during April. In Qaanaaq - also known as the Thule District - the sun will be visible at the sky around the clock from the 24th this month. Then it doesn't set until August 18th.
Arctic Palerfik - the great sledge ride

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The Arctic Circle Race, Sisimiut late March


April is usually the last month for dog-sledge driving - and often the very best: The sea is still frozen, the sun lights up the snow-covered landscape, and the temperatures have risen. In Ilulissat in the Disko Bay area the average temperature for April is -12.7 degrees Celsius (+9 degrees Fahrenheit).
The town of Ilulissat in the Disko Bay area is the starting point for a special event this month: The Arctic Palerfik. A three-days tour to the gigantic glaciers behind the town for about 100 dog-sledges, 1,000 sledge-dogs and 200 people. They follow the route that Arctic explorer Knud Rasmussen took for training prior to his long expeditions in Greenland almost 100 years ago. Everyone is invited to take part!
Although April is regarded springtime temperatures are still well below zero this month. In Ilulissat the average temperature is - 12.7 degrees Celsius (9.14 degrees Fahrenheit) but due to the low humidity is doesn't feel cold.


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